A NADCA Certfied Air Duct Cleaning Company
A NADCA Certfied Air Duct Cleaning Company

We believe you should know everything about the service you’re inquiring about – these videos will help you understand everything required to ensure you receive the proper and thorough air duct cleaning service you and your family deserve!

30 Year Old Home with No History of Air Duct Cleaning

The following is a case study we performed with engineering controls in place to ensure no cross-contamination of the living space occurred.

The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the visible removal of an over accumulation of particulates in the HVAC system of a 30 year old home with no history of air duct cleaning.  Particulates include: Pet dander, animal hair, dead skin cells, human hair, pollen, cigarette smoke and more…controls were put into place to ensure no cross-contamination occurred.

NADCA Consumer Videos:  Get Informed!

NADCA developed the videos below as guidance for residential consumers who may have questions and concerns about hiring an air duct cleaning company. The videos provide answers to a number of questions commonly asked by the residential community. Confused about why your HVAC system should be cleaned, or how to find a reputable company? These videos explain everything you need to know about air duct cleaning.

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